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Two months have passed since the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty. To follow the latest news on the death penalty, visit the ECPM website at

In the meantime, we leave you with some of the words formulated by the participants of the 7th World Congress via our online satisfaction questionnaire. Thank you all!

Words of abolitionists...


« I was part of some volunteer groups working against the death penalty, I can tell that attending the conference gave them many new ideas and more courage to work against the death penalty worldwide ! »

« It has really helped me understand that abolition of death penalty and fighting for human rights is not an issue that only officials deal with, younger people can be implicated as well and it has made me a role model to my society. »

« The Brussels Congress provided me with fresh ideas thanks to the discussions with actors in the abolitionist movement from other countries, especially from new abolitionist countries. I am now all the more motivated by the testimonies that I heard of survivors and family members of death row prisoners. »

« This is a good way to monitor global trends towards abolition of the death penalty and to target what remains to be done to achieve it. »

« I met a lot of people who are fighting very hard to abolish the death penalty and I have a renewed optimism to write more articles on the death penalty. I also made good contacts. »

 « I developed a sense of belonging to an abolitionist community. »