[EDITO] In a month’s time, we will experience a decisive moment for universal abolition

Dear abolitionist friends, A year that ends with unprecedented support for the UN Resolution for a moratorium on the application of the death penalty (121 votes in favour, 35 against, 32 abstentions and 5 absent countries) and good abolitionist prospects for 2019: the constitutionalization of abolition in Burkina Faso, the abolitionist debate opened in Malaysia, […]

They confirmed their presence at the Congress…

For this 7th edition, the World Congress Against the Death Penalty will mobilise more than ever before, the great decision-makers and influencers of the fight for human rights coming from all over the world : prestigious political figures, United Nations special rapporteurs, members of international organisations, Sakharov and Nobel Peace Prize laureates, and many members […]

The World Congresses Against the Death Penalty: for 18 years they have been an unmissable event for abolitionists around the world!

Initiated and organised by ECPM in 2001, the triennial World Congresses Against the Death Penalty represent a key moment in the global abolitionist campaign. 18 years after the 1st World Congress in Strasbourg, an ever greater number of abolitionists from across the world will meet in Brussels in February 2019. The World Congresses pursue broad […]

7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty: 4 days, 5 locations, 115 countries represented and more than 1,500 abolitionists expected

An unmissable moment for abolitionist activists, the World Congress Against the Death Penalty encourages States to make concrete commitments, mobilises public opinion and helps develop joint strategies. The 7th Congress will be held in Brussels, Europe’s capital, from 26 February to 1 March 2019. It is organised by ECPM, in partnership with the World Coalition […]