Thursday, Feb. 28

Inside & Out - Evening of testimonies

20h00 - BOZAR (Room M)

The evening of testimonies is a highly anticipated event of the World Congresses against the Death Penalty. This regular meeting gives the floor to the great witnesses to the death penalty.

Inside & Out will focus on the real and symbolic emotional connections between the inside of Death Row and the outside world. For this reason, this highlight of the 7th World Congress will focus on informal discussion.

Presentation: Pete Ouko, lawyer, former death row inmate - Kenya


Part one : The family bond in the face of incarceration

  • Sabine Atlaoui, wife of Serge Atlaoui, sentenced to death in Indonesia - France
  • Vida Mehrannia, wife of Dr Ahmadreza Djalali, sentenced to death - Iran

    Artistic intervention: La Triochka, trio of acrobatic lifts

Part Two: Maintaining a connection with the outside world during incarceration

  • Antoinette Chahine, former death row inmate - Lebanon
  • Marie Pelenc, human rights activist and Antoinette Chahine correspondent

    Artistic intervention: Éléonore Valère Lachky, dance solo "Army".

Part Three: Getting Out of Death Row

  • Hsu Tzu-chiang, former death row inmate - Taiwan


The Evening of testimonies is sponsored by the Government of Flanders.
For more information, go to the Witnesses page.

All day long

Egmont Palace Library

Projection cycle

11:30 am : Nyapala from Emile Carreau – 30’ – English subtitles French

12:15 pm : Menunggu Massa from The S-Ploited, Freedom Film Network – 30 ‘ – English
Discussion: Malaysia on the road to abolition.

3 pm : The Sinner from Asim Rafiqui, Justice Project Pakistan – 40’ – English
Discussion: Stories of former executioners.

4:15 pm : It was 5 in the morning from Mostapha Heravi, Zamaneh Media – 35’ – Farsi subtitles English
Discussion: The death penalty in Iran, issues and current situation.

All day

Library stand in the Abolition Village

Presentations of fact-finding missions

  • 12pm to 12.30pm:  Fact-finding mission on death row, Mauritania – With Nordine Drici (mission redactor), Julia Bourbon-Fernandez (ECPM), Fatimata Mbaye and Saleck Lemine
  • 12:30 pm to 1 pm:  Judged for More Than Her crime: a Global Overview of Women Facing the Death Penalty - Avec Sharon Pia Hickey (director of research and advocacy, Cornell Centre on the Death Penalty Worldwide)
  • 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm: Sentenced to oblivion, Fact-finding mission on death row, Cameroon – With Nestor Toko (mission coordinator), Carole Berrih (mission redactor), Marie Lina Samuel (ECPM)
  • 15:45 to 16:15:  Fact-finding mission on death row, Lebanon – With Karim El Mufti (mission redactor), Julia Bourbon-Fernandez (ECPM), members of AJEM

11 am to 12 am

Library stand in the Abolition Village

Signing session

  • Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich for "Fact of a Body: A Gripping True Crime Murder Investigation" (Sonatine éditions)


  • Antoinette Chahine for Crimes d’innocence (éd. Dar An-Nahar)


  • Marie Gloris Bardiaux-Vaïente for La Guillotine (éd. Eidola) and L’Abolition. Le combat de Robert Badinter (éd. Glénat)


  • Geneviève Donadini for Le Procès Ranucci. Témoignage d’un juré d’assises (éd. L’Harmattan)