Cultural Program


Galeries Cinema

lindy lou

Screening of Lindy Lou, Juror number 2  by Florent Vassault

Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
In partnership with Cine UN – UNRIC
English, subtitles French

22 years after a death sentence, former juror Lindy Lou sets out to meet the other jurors to find out if they share her feelings of remorse.

Free access, upon availability .

The screening will be followed by a debate with Florent Vassault, director.


Les Tanneurs Theater


Representation of Suzy & Franck by Didier Poiteaux

Rue des Tanneurs 75-77, 1000 Brussels
In partnership with Inti Théâtre

French subtitles English

Suzy lives in Paris and Frank lives on death row in Texas. In 1996, by chance, they started a correspondence. Little by little, they discover each other, meet each other, fall in love and, later, to continue to see each other despite the restrictions imposed on Franck regarding his conditions of detention, they get married. Twenty years later, they still love each other but still do not live together.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with the artist and Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner.

Bar open on site from 7pm
Free admission subject to availability


Egmont Palace


Network Evening

Information to come

Exhibition A walk through the gallows  by Arthur Judah Angel

As part of the Network evening, Nigerian artist Arthur Judah Angel will present his drawings, a testimony to his nine and a half years spent on death row.

Presentation of a painting by Ndume Olatushani

As part of the Network evening, Ndume Olatushani, an American artist, will present an exclusive painting created especially for the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty.

All day long

Egmont Palace Library

Projection cycle

11:30 am : Nyapala – 30’ – English subtitles French

12:15 pm : Malaisien Freedom Film Network – 30 ‘ – English

3 pm : The Sinner (Justice Project Pakistan) – 40’ – English

4:15 pm : It was 5 in the morning (Zamaneh Media) – 35’ – Farsi subtitles English

8 pm

BOZAR (M Room)

Witness Evening

Upcoming information


Egmont Palace Library


Projection cycle

  • 9 am : Guilty - 82' - Reprieve Australian - English


  • 11:30 am : Serge Atlaoui, Sentenced to death - 60' - French with English subtitles

5:30 pm

Brussels streets

marche mondiale

The World March for Abolition

Information to come

Feb. 25 to March 1

European Parliament

Portraits of Abolition - Christophe Meireis

Menuhin Space of the European Parliament

17 portraits of those who are doing the abolition. Former death row inmates, families, politicians... They discover each other, they whisper from the depths of their beings these words that pass through them.

The exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of the LXB Chair, by artist Wang Keping, in honour of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiao Bo.

Feb. 15 to March 1

Brussels Park

Bubbles for abolition

Gates of the Brussels Park, facing the Royal Palace

ECPM, in partnership with Stripgids, has gathered about twenty comic strips from all over the world. Each of them will provide an opportunity to address issues related to the death penalty from countless perspectives.

Feb. 26 to March 1

Egmont Palace

Who deserves to die, Sofia Moro

In partnership with the Spanish Embassy in Belgium and the University of Castilla - La Mancha

Who deserves to die is an in-depth and ongoing research project, developed over the past ten years, on the application of the death penalty in today's world, combining photography and journalism. It takes the viewer through the deathpaths of five countries representing different types of political systems, cultures and development.

Feb. 26 to March 1

Egmont Palace

Draw me the abolition contest

More information to come

Feb. 26 to March 1

Egmont Palace

Posters 4 Tomorrow

More information to come

The World Congress will provide participants and the people of Brussels with the opportunity to take part in some excellent cultural events on the theme of abolition of the death penalty: exhibitions, musical performances, screenings, etc.

The cultural programme will be suitable for young people, professionals, passers-by, ardent abolitionists and those who may become so!

For more information about the cultural programme, find us on social media in the next few weeks or come back and see us on this page soon!